St.Mary's Young Adults Ministry, Dubai (18 - 35yrs)

English Charismatic Prayer Group – Youth Ministry

Youth Group Name: SMECPG – YM:  St. Mary’s English Charismatic Prayer Group – Youth Ministry

Description: St. Mary’s Catholic Charismatic (English) Prayer Group Dubai is an active and vibrant group offering our dedicated services to St. Mary’s parish. The youth Group is part of the prayer group and cater to the youth from age 15-35 yrs.

Our Vision: Through the power of the Holy Spirit learn to live in holiness, build strong relationship with God our Father, strive to be model families based on love, and be living witnesses of Christ to all youth around us.

Our Mission: To love and serve God by loving, serving and reaching out to all youth in our parish.

God does not call the qualified but qualifies the called. Each one of us are gifted and can help out in whatever talent God has blessed us with. Come and join us with whatever you have and God will multiply your blessings in his time. We all need to be part of a family and to grow spiritually so this is the place where we can all grow together to make a difference in this world.

Community: N/A

General Events:

The youth group have our meetings every Saturday and each Saturday the plan is different (Singing & Praising + teaching OR Fun activity OR Fellowship Light Evening OR Movie Evening)

Station of the Cross for Youth during lent, Outreach to laborers during Lent, Youth Picnic, organise Skits based on the theme of the teaching series, organise Prayer Group Christmas Party, Singing/ Praising/Dancing for Jesus through our Youth Band.

Assist the main Prayer group on Wednesdays every week for action songs and singing in P&W ministry, conducting sessions for children ministry, assisting in Media team for flyers, presentations and website, assist intercessory team by joining the praying network and praying for others.

Meeting: Every Saturday 5pm -7pm, Room 1 above mini Hall