St.Mary's Young Adults Ministry, Dubai (18 - 35yrs)

About Us

Young Adults Ministry is a collaboration of all youth from all the youth-groups in the parish and parish youth. It is open to all youth of the parish who are willing to help and assist the parish and participate in all youth related programs and opportunities to grow in their faith. The youth members also assist the different ministries in the parish like Family ministry, Samaritans Ministry, etc in all their initiatives and assist the Parish Priest in all programs organised by the parish.

YAM Mission:

Uniting the youth in ministering to Catholic youth and young adults in building the Church through a Christ centered life.

YAM Vision:

To foster and grow Youth and Young Adults through spiritual development, service to the community, and social events. YAM works to ensure that Young Adults have a place to deepen their relationship with God and serve the Church with a witnessing lifestyle and meet other Young Adults of faith.

The Young Adults Ministry consists of several youth groups within the St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

Parish Young Adult Ministry

Come Alive Youth Group (CAYG)

St. Mary’s English Charismatic Youth Group (SMECYG)

Jesus Youth Group (JY)

St. Mary’s Pakistan Community Youth Ministry

St. Mary’s Srilankan Community Youth Ministry

St. Mary’s African Community Youth Ministry

St. Mary’s Filipino Youth Ministry

St. Mary’s Arabic Community Youth Ministry

St. Mary’s Goan Community Youth Ministry

St. Mary’s Mangalore Community Youth Ministry(Konkan Yuva)

St. Mary’s Tamil Community Youth Ministry

Support Teams:

YAM Choir

YAM Media Team

YAM Dance Team

YAM Decor Team

For any further queries you can contact

SMCC YAM Coordinator : Orlando Fernandes (050 806 5626)
SMCC Assistant YAM Coordinator : Rachel Joseph (056 545 9181)