St.Mary's Young Adults Ministry, Dubai (18 - 35yrs)

Come Alive Youth Group

Youth Group Name: Come Alive Youth Group 


Come Alive Youth group (CAYG) started in November 1994 with about eight members as the youth ministry of the English Charismatic Group. Today, we have three active ministries – Gospel Music Ministry, Social & Hospitality Ministry (CUBS) and Media Ministry. Come Alive has evolved to have a universal Catholic character and plays a dynamic role in the “young” body of St. Mary’s Parish and is committed to make God present to all we can – especially to the youth.

Our Vision:

“We wish to be a youth group that is a refuge for youth, authentic, full of zeal, guided by the Catholic Church in imitating Christ, with the help of Mary and the Saints to win back youth, and empower them to be credible witnesses”.

Our Mission:

“We are, a life-giving, holistic, diversely talented Christian family, motivated by the Spirit of God and love for each other. We exist to know God, ourselves and to reach out to others, especially youth, to build us into a quality fellowship”.



General Events:

 Meeting Occurrence Details:

Main Meeting each week: Saturday at 7:30pm to 8:45pm, Mini Hall Room 1

Gospel Music Ministry each week: Friday at 7pm to 9pm, Mini Hall Room 3

Other Ministry Meetings as and when required.