St.Mary's Young Adults Ministry, Dubai (18 - 35yrs)

YAM Timeline

Young Adults Ministry (YAM) the History

Our beginning: In February 2008 a few youth had casually walked into the Parish Council meeting on a Friday requesting that the youth in the Parish would love to contribute towards the Mission and activities of the Church. Although it was felt that noting would come about that encounter, some members of the parish council namely vice-president T.Francis and Secretary Aboline D’cunha had taken the request seriously. It was later understood that it was a thought lingering in their minds for quite some time, and who were waiting for an opportunity to work with the youth but did not know where to begin with. This divine intervention paved the way for a place for the youth in the Church. This initial encounter was welcome but the manner and structure was still unclear and in doubt.

After a few month the parish council vice-president T.Francis and Secretary Aboline D’cunha had granted permission for all the youth groups to meet once a month in the Parish Council office in the presence of the parish vice-president and a temporarily elected coordinator of the Jesus youth, who had initiated this meeting with the Council. In June 2008 these youth coordinators from 5 youth groups functioning in the church along with the youth in the parish decided to do a Youth Program for the Parish, the first of its kind in the Church. Permission was granted by the parish council and the program was named “ Youth Quake” to wake up the youth to be active members of the Church. Dony Peter a Motivational Catholic speaker from the Jesus youth was the main resource persons with bands from the Filcom and Jesus youth with skit performances from the Arabic Youth, Konkan Yuva and Come Alive. The program had more than 1000 youth and the idea of a youth Ministry for the Parish was born under the guidance of Fr.Peter the then Parish Priest.

In 2012 when the first ACYC (Catholic Youth Conference in Arabia) was launched it was the YAM Ministry along with the Parish Council who were the backbone for Jesus Youth who had initiated and organized the event successfully. Overtime more and more youth groups had evolved had the ministry had become an official ministry recognized and working under the Parish Priest. The ministry had gained appreciation year after year from all corners and was to the liking of the Bishop H.E Paul Hinder during his annual pastoral visits. The effectiveness and necessity of such a Ministry in all the churches was felt as a need by the Bishop and the various youth groups in the Vicariate as seen in Dubai which was recognized in the Vicariate of Southern Arabia. The AVOSA YAM (Young adults ministry) in UAE an initiative by H.E Bishop Paul Hider was officially formed in 2017 September with representatives from 7 Parishes after seeing the growth and progress of the Dubai YAM.

Founder’s of YAM

Coordinator’s & Assistant Coordinator’s of YAM (2008 – 2023)