St.Mary's Young Adults Ministry, Dubai (18 - 35yrs)

Konkan Yuva

Youth Group Name: KONKAN YUVA

Description: Konkan Yuva, is a young adult group hailing from the Konkan region of India who are the reside in U.A.E. This group is part of the St. Mary’s Church Young Adult Ministry, Dubai. This is exclusive Konkan youth group of the St Mary’s Church and is dedicated to the social, cultural and spiritual welfare of the youth from the region. Over the last 14 years Konkan Yuva has nurtured over thousand youth in their journey of soul searching, enlightenment and discovering and making best use of their talents, skills and abilities.

Konkan Yuva’s journey has been nothing short of exciting since inception in creating a platform for the youth to showcase their talents on a global platform.
Konkan Yuva’s founders had a singular vision of create a association of the like minded youth who could make the world a better place to live in and leave it better than how they were introduced into. Konkan Yuva is a spiritual home where learning never ends.

Our Vision:

To create ‘Home away from home’, for Konkan youth who come to UAE in search of a career.

Our Mission:

Participation of youth showcasing the cultural prowess of the Konkan belt.
Commitment in team building activities to unite the fellow konkanites.
Active role in community welfare activities.
Inclusive participation in talent display in both spiritual, mental and physical endeavors.
Committed to the vision of tolerance and happiness which is part of the country’s vision.

Community: Mangalorean Community

General Events:
1. Participation in community activities with annual celebration of All Souls’ Day
2. Strategic partnership with authorities such as Dubai Municipality by supporting in their agenda of sustainable planet, active participation in ‘Clean up the World’ drive, ‘Earth Hour’, Blood donation drive, visiting palliative care patients etc.
3. Representation at every World Youth Day since 2012
4. Hosting sports tournaments
5. Organizing fund raising programs for charity
5. Volunteering at various church activities;
6. Organising cultural programs with over 10,000 participants since inception
7. Traditional appraisal programs such as Christmas Crib competition
8. Management of vigil, retreat and mass celebrations
9. Support to the career seekers by providing them networking opportunities
10. Assistance in community support programs such as facilitating socially deprived and people who need medical assistance

Meeting Occurrence Details: 2nd Friday of every month