St.Mary's Young Adults Ministry, Dubai (18 - 35yrs)

Goan Youth

YouthGroup Name: St Mary’s Goan Community Youth

Our Mission: To draw and unite young people to responsible participation in the life, mission, and work of the Catholic faith community.

Our Vision:  To foster and grow the youth through spiritual development, service to the community, and social events, in order to deepen their faith with God.

Brief description –

We are a youth group that is nurtured by the Goans of St. Mary’s Dubai. We are focused to outreach and serve the community and inspire young souls to join hands to spread Christ’s love.

Community: Goan Community

Activities carried out –

  • Monthly rosary
  • Monthly meetings
  • Football and cricket tournaments
  • Children’s drawing competition
  • St. Francis Xavier’s Feast
  • Christmas Tree

Youth meeting timings –

Every 3rd Friday of the month (or is rescheduled in case any church event is held