St.Mary's Young Adults Ministry, Dubai (18 - 35yrs)

Pakistan Youth

Youth Group Name: Pakistani Youth Group

Description: Pakistani Youth group is reformed and gathered together to work hands in hands and to walk together to lead and guide one another according to the teachings of catholic church.

Our Vision: To direct and guide young generation towards the catholic church.

Our Mission: To build up strong faith in Christ of the lost ones specially young adults within a community. To gather the numbers to improve the quantity along with the quality.

Community: Pakistani Community

General Events:
1) Active participation in every YAM mass.
2) Active participation in family fest event in dancing, singing, game stall and serve as a usher.
3) Participate and serve as volunteers in Every Thursday urdu community mass and collect offerings during mass and ushering the congregation.
4) Serve as volunteers in 14 stations of the cross every Friday urdu service during Lent and Good Friday services.
5) Assist urdu community and serve as core team in biryani distribution every feast of Mother Mary.
6) Serve as a core team every year in Christmas party.
7) Serve as a core team in Independence day celebration mass and event 14th August every year.
8) Shaam-e-Calvary holy gathering (assist the community in management).

Meeting Occurrence Details:
Once in a month. Thursday after urdu mass. Around 8:40pm

Our Contribution in Year 2018.
1. All mentioned above including the following:
2. Served as a volunteer in Papal Mass Tickets distribution.
3. Participated in ACYC and served as volunteers and also in management team.
4. Served as a ushers in Year of Zayed celebration event.
5. Served as volunteers in Samaritan Ministry events distribution of food.
6. Serve as a usher in all events and programmes in the parish.