St.Mary's Young Adults Ministry, Dubai (18 - 35yrs)

YAM Outreach

YAM Outreach to Labourers

There is nothing more fulfilling than giving back and spreading the love of God; and this was exactly what we, the youth, were able to do through the YAM Christmas outreach program held for about fifty female workers. These women serve as the backbone of our society and deserve nothing but the highest respect. Getting to know them was a beautiful and humbling experience. They are the epitome of resilience against the harshness of life and a true beacon of faith as they work long hours, demanding jobs and live away from their family and children. Regardless of all their struggles, their hearts are brimming with love and kindness. They embraced us as if we were their own, laughed, played games, chatted and danced with us. It was an unforgettable day; we were able to meet and spend time with truly remarkable women and experience God’s love. We definitely would like to participate in more outreach events in the future!

Maria & Angela ( Youth Volunteers for the Outreach)


Joining the YAM Outreach program has been a fulfilling experience for me. It has been my first time to be joining this kind of event which has been a very rewarding one. Helping our less privileged sisters and spending time with them have been enjoyable and unforgettable. It has been a great first time for me which kindles the true spirit of Christmas and has brought everyone together which relives the love of Jesus to the poor by sharing and giving joy to their faces amidst the difficulties they encounter in their everyday lives. In one spirit and one God, we are blessed and his honor reigns

Samad ( Youth Volunteers for the Outreach )


Dear Rev: Fr. Andre & Rev. Fr. Lennie & YAM team

On behalf of our team, I would like to Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for organizing the Christmas partly on last Friday on 06th December 2019.
I must tell that is was a  wonderful party with lots of games & gifts which gave an amazing time for all of us.
Each moment of the event has given unforgettable memories to us and we are really thankful for delightful Lunch which we extremely enjoyed.
We must give a special Thank to Mr. Olee and the wonder full team from YAM who really gelled up with our team with their kind approach. We really had fun with them.
Also please accept our further Thanks for all who has involved to arrange all the gifts & foods for this event.
Thank you once again for your kindness generosity and time and effort you all have put in to this event to make a wonderful Christmas party for us.

Thank you & May God Bless you.


Janaki and participants